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extreme scoping an agile approach to enterprise data - extreme scoping is a methodology and approach to enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence that is perfect for 21st century organizations of any size or industry, agile data warehousing project management business - agile data warehousing project management business intelligence systems using scrum ralph hughes on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers you have to make sense of enormous amounts of data and while the notion of agile data warehousing might sound tricky, disciplined agile data warehousing - this book disciplined agile delivery a practitioner s guide to agile software delivery in the enterprise describes the disciplined agile delivery dad process decision framework the dad framework is a people first learning oriented hybrid agile approach to it solution delivery it has a risk value delivery lifecycle is goal driven is enterprise aware and provides the foundation for, beware of scrum fanatics on dw bi projects enterprise - you may be wondering what in the world are scrum fanatics and why should you beware of them and what is scrum anyway scrum is an agile software development method what s so bad about that nothing as long as you use it for software development projects and not for business integration projects isn t a data warehouse a software development project, hp touchpad needs 6 to 8 weeks for additional shipments - hp needs 6 8 weeks to ship additional touchpads according to a leaked email sent to customers hp is prepping one last run for its defunct tablet